Structure in C for the Raw ACF data


A description of the data structure in the C language used to store the Raw ACF Data.


The raw ACF data is the primary (first order) data product from the SuperDARN radars. Listed below is the C data structure struct RawData used to store the ACF data.

Array Limits

The array limits are defined as macros in the header superdarn/limit.h.

#define LAG_SIZE 96        
#define MAX_RANGE 300   

struct RawData

The ACF data structure is defined in the header superdarn/rawdata.h.

struct RawData {
  struct {
    int major;                        /* major revision */
    int minor;                        /* minor revision */
  } revision;            
  float thr;                          /* lag-zero power threshold level */
  float pwr0[MAX_RANGE];              /* lag-zero powers
  float acfd[MAX_RANGE][LAG_SIZE][2]; /* ACF data */
  float xcfd[MAX_RANGE][LAG_SIZE][2]; /* XCF data */


  • This information is sourced from the RFC: 0013 previously in the RST RFC docmentation that was written by R.J. Barnes.


  • 2007/03/26 Revision to reflect change in array sizes
  • 2004/11/19 Initial Revision.