Hemisphere plots of gridded parameters

Getting started

grid_plot -x -delay 0 -raw -st 09:00 -time -coast -fcoast 20181001.north.grd

This code plots gridded line-of-sight ("raw") velocity vectors onto a map.

  • -x plot the data in an X-terminal
  • -delay 0 pause the frame until a mouse button is pressed, then the next interval will be plotted. Use Ctrl+C to exit.
  • -raw plot raw line-of-sight velocity vectors
  • -st 09:00 generate plots beginning at time 09:00UT
  • time display the date and time in the figure window
  • -coast draw coast outlines
  • -fcoast fill the continents with default colors


Plotting gridded power or spectral width

Grid files generated using the -xtd option in make_grid include the power and spectral width parameters in addition to the line-of-sight and merged velocity vectors. You can plot the power and spectral width using the -pwr and -swd options respectively.


grid_plot -png -ex 00:02 -st 09:00 \
          -coast -fcoast -rotate -latmin 30 -mag -grd -grdontop -tmlbl -time \
          -pwr -pmax 30 -xkey rainbow.key -xkeyp \ 


Multi-plot time-series

The grid_plot routine can also output a series of plots which can then be combined into a movie. For example,

grid_plot -png \
          -coast -fcoast -rotate -latmin 30 -mag -grd -grdontop -tmlbl -time \
          -raw -vkey myRSTvelcolorkey.key -vkeyp \