Convection maps

Convection maps can be plotted using the map_plot routine.

Example plot

map_plot -png \ 
         -coast -fcoast -mag -grd -grdontop \
         -ctr -poly -fpoly -fpolycol 554090DD \
         -extra -fit -rotate -hmb -imf -tmlbl -maxmin -pot -latmin 50 \
         -vecp -vkeyp -vkey blue+green+red+yellow.key -vsf 3 \
         -frame -dn -st 09:00 -time 20181001.north.map2


  • coast plot coast outlines
  • fcoast fill the coastlines
  • mag use magnetic coordinates
  • grd plot the coordinate grid
  • grdontop plot the grid on top of the mapped data
  • -ctr plot the potential contours
  • -poly plot the contour lines as polygons
  • -fpoly fill the contour lines
  • -fpolycol 554090DD set the color of filled contour polygons
  • -extra plot extra diagnostic information
  • -fit plot the fitted two-dimensional velocity vectors
  • -rotate rotate the plot so that the local noon is at the top
  • -hmb plot Heppner-Maynard boundary
  • -imf plot the IMF clock-dial
  • -tmlbl label the time clock-dial
  • -maxmin plot the points of maximum and minimum potential
  • -pot plot the cross polar cap potential
  • -latmin 50 adjust the scale factor so that the lowest visible latitude is 50 degrees
  • -vecp plot the example vector
  • -vkeyp plot the color key for the velocity scale
  • -vkey blue+green+red+yellow.key specify which velocity color key to use
  • -vsf 3 set the vector scale factor to 3
  • -frame add a frame around the borders of the plot
  • -dn generate filenames of the form
  • -st 09:00 generate plots starting at 09:00UT
  • time plot the time of the plotted data

Type map_plot --help into the terminal to view all of the available input options.