IDL Data Structure for Raw ACF data


A description of the IDL data structure used to store Raw ACF data.


The raw ACF data is the primary (first order) data product from the SuperDARN radars. Within IDL a structure is used to store the ACF data.


A number of constants are used to define array limits


Raw ACF data structure RawData

raw={RawData, $
       revision: {rlstr, major: 0L, $        ; major revision 
                            minor: 0L}, $    ; minor revision
       thr: 0.0, $                           ; lag-zero power threshold level
       pwr0: fltarr(MAX_RANGE), $            ; lag zero powers
       acfd: fltarr(MAX_RANGE,LAG_SIZE,2), $ ; ACF data
       xcfd: fltarr(MAX_RANGE,LAG_SIZE,2) $  ; XCF data


  • RawACF Structure in C
  • This information is sourced from the RFC: 0021 previously in the RST RFC documentation that was written by R.J. Barnes.

History from RFC Documentation

  • 2007/03/26 Change in array sizes.
  • 2004/11/22 Initial Revision.