How to cite SuperDARN

The Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN) consists of more than 30 radars operated by institutions in 10 different countries. The following review papers are recommended for general information about the network's scientific achievements, and for citing SuperDARN in publications:

Greenwald, R.A., Baker, K.B., Dudeney, J.R. et al. Space Sci Rev (1995) 71: 761. doi:10.1007/BF00751350

Chisham, G., Lester, M., Milan, S.E. et al. A decade of the Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN): scientific achievements, new techniques and future directions. Surv Geophys 28, 33–109 (2007) doi:10.1007/s10712-007-9017-8

Nishitani, N., Ruohoniemi, J.M., Lester, M. et al. Review of the accomplishments of mid-latitude Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN) HF radars. Prog Earth Planet Sci 6, 27 (2019) doi:10.1186/s40645-019-0270-5

During your study, if using data from individual radars only, please contact the Principal Investigator (PI) of that radar about potential co-authorship. A list of radars, institutions, and their PI's information can be found here.


Currently SuperDARN in the process of placing DOI's on their data set. In the meantime, please use any local available services to DOI your data set. Possible services:

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